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A Concrete Introduction to Remote Oil Well Metering and Optimal Control System

The wellhead sensor transmits data to RTU through WIA-PA network. The monitoring equipment performs real-time monitoring, remote metering, performance analysis and liquid production capacity calculation and analysis and provides production statement.

The sensor including load, pressure, motor speed, flow meter and electrical parameter installed at the wellhead sends data to RTU through short distance wireless communication. RTU performs data packing, and uploads data to console through gateway, wired network or GPRS network. The data enters the data gateway of the oilfield company, and is received, analyzed, stored and published by the system server, and then submitted to the public data platform, thereby realizing the remote inquiry of related data.

Project Implementation

The strict inspection of equipment before delivery,

 The operating temperature is -40 ℃ ~85 ℃ and the protection grade reaches IP65.

The instrument uses the high-performance lithium thionyl chloride battery and the maximum service life is 5 years.

Ensure Stability

Process Data

Application Results

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