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  The construction site of the project is in the Fushun Petrochemical Co of ethylene production area, located in Dongzhou District of Fushun city in Liaoning Province, including low density, SBR, butene, aromatics, high density, total 109 units using poly propylene, ethylene, tank flowmeter, polymerization warehouse 10 quantitative packaging production line make the signal transmission with 20 sets of electronic quantitative scale.
An 2014 project application data collection point for a total of 910 data collection points, respectively, low density mass flow meter data of 5 points, 21 points of mass flow meter data of styrene butadiene and butene 24, mass flow meter data flow meter data of 6 aromatic hydrocarbons, high density mass flow meter data, 7 polypropylene mass flow meter data 5 mass flow meter data, ethylene 23 points, 18 points of mass flow meter data storage. The data of the electronic quantitative scale of packaging production line is 20 points. The contents of the whole construction are mainly divided into WIA-PA data acquisition network construction, backbone transmission network construction and application management platform construction.
Overall architecture

  The overall structure of the on-line monitoring system for the production process parameters of the large ethylene production process in Fushun petrochemical industry is shown in the following picture. The system is divided into three levels, the first is the data acquisition layer, WIA-PA wireless adapter and the spot quality flow meter and electronic weigher connected through the HART interface, and then by the WIA-PA wireless adapter will upload the data to the WIA-PA intelligent wireless gateway, a data acquisition layer; second is the backbone of the network transport layer, realize the data transmission between the factory station and operation area through the internal network. The upper level is the control center application system, which mainly realizes the human-computer interaction function, which will collect data and analyze the data.

WIA-PA data acquisition subsystem

  The WIA-PA data acquisition subsystem is mainly composed of two parts of WIA-PA wireless adapter and WIA-PA gateway, and the single boundary area structure is shown as shown above.
  The WIA-PA wireless adapter is used to periodically collect data from the scene, the scene of mass flowmeter to WIA wireless gateway via wireless transmission; the main function of WIA wireless gateway is the management and maintenance of the whole data acquisition subsystem network, provide system analysis, diagnosis and real-time data to the user via Ethernet, real-time access.
Project implementation:

Field data acquisition system

  The on-site material flowmeter plus WIA-PA wireless adapter realizes the wireless transmission of instantaneous traffic volume, cumulative flow rate, density and temperature signal, and ultimately establishes a material balance network.

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