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Induction training: We offer training program to new employees to let them know about the company’s operation philosophy, related rules and regulations, sense of worth, corporate culture, code of conduct etc. so as to enable them to behave more in line with the company’s current policies, attitude, standards as well as the behavior pattern expected by the company and related departments.    

Pre-job training: Upon registration, all the new staffs shall have a pre-job training according to departments, including job responsibilities, work process, files on related regulations, basic working skills etc. For special posts, the company shall arrange qualification examinations. Those who have passed the examinations shall go on duty with valid qualification certificate.      

In-service training: We offer systematic training programs regarding post standards, professional knowledge and skill and staff qualification so as to allow the employees to perform more in line with the work needs.    

Promotion and transfer training: In case of promotion or job transfer for an employee, our company and the related department shall carry out job training on the new employee who shall have corresponding job change after passing the examination.

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