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In Keaowei was invited to speak at the Fifth National Petroleum and petrochemica

  It was held in Jilin in September 7th by the Chinese Petroleum Society Petroleum Science and technology equipment Specialized Committee and Jilin Petroleum Society "National Petroleum and petrochemical enterprise informatization and Information Security Symposium". The theme of this symposium is "information security is the guarantee to enhance the management level and economic benefits of petroleum and petrochemical enterprises", so as to discuss how to further promote and deepen information security technology in oil. Petroleum and petrochemical industry information management departments, industry experts, senior engineering and technical personnel attended the meeting in Shenyang on behalf of the company Keaowei Shenyang Automation Research Institute to participate in the meeting, and as the industry WIA-PA technology provider data transmission line in petroleum and petrochemical industry to make important speech

 With the development of petroleum and petrochemical information, especially the combination of the development strategy of information security caused by large data set up networking and information for the petroleum and petrochemical, petroleum and petrochemical enterprises control has brought new challenges, in the meeting, Keaowei marketing vice minister Liu Haowei combined with today's petrochemical problems, put forward the theme of the report by fusion of networking technology and production process of oil, realize the oilfield production process automation monitoring and remote diagnosis system optimization, optimization of production management process, to create conditions for the fine management.

 The meeting Keaowei Minister Liu said in has been committed to WIA-PA based wireless networks, establishing typical oilfield production and optimization of remote management system networking solutions, and promote the WIA-PA technology in the oil industry as a whole application and service, and has been in Jilin oilfield two carbon dioxide production plant establishment and implementation of oil and gas wells, remote monitoring and optimization the control system, is currently in production eight No. 6 wells completed. In the future Keaowei still adhering to high standards of product quality as the guide, to the full range of customer service service concept for building intelligent Chinese petroleum and petrochemical industry in the networking solutions

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