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The rise of "Shen self system" high tech small giant enterprise group
Shenyang "love" of the Shenyang Automation Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

"Shen self system" high tech small giant enterprise group rise independent innovation to make science and technology transform into benefit

 Independent innovation can transform science and technology into benefit

  Yu Haibin, director of Shenyang Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said: "when technology is mature to a certain extent, market demand is bigger and demand is in the country, Shenyang automation will turn technology into products and systems, and push it to the market. In this way, more than a dozen high-tech enterprises have been hatched. "

Reporters in Shenyang Keaowei Polytron Technologies Inc learned that this was founded just four years young enterprise, has grown rapidly to become the only one with independent intellectual property rights of the application of the whole industrial networking solutions provider, the formation of 17 patents and 35 software copyright, and carry out the demonstration application in petroleum, petrochemical, power and other national economy key industries and areas.
In Keaowei deputy general manager Zhao Xuefeng and R & D team, it is from the Shenyang Institute of automation. "Research Institute, enterprise closely cooperate, divide work and cooperate, build up a complete chain from technology to product to market." In Keaowei deputy general manager song letter of introduction.
Over the years, Shenyang automation has hatched a number of high-tech enterprises, distributed in industrial automation and control, industrial information, robot equipment, semiconductor equipment and precision parts processing, medical services, energy saving and environmental protection equipment and other fields.
  Like Koovi, the third research director of Shenyang Automation Institute and Wang Hongliang, general manager of today, "the mission of enterprises at the beginning of creation is to build Shenyang automation field bus control technology into products, and then push them to the market."

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