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Wireless data acquisition and transmission to solve the customers' needs for imp


Sanjiang port depot, is located in Sanjiang Industrial Park Jingan town of Qixia District of Nanjing city in Jiangsu province.

  Sanjiang mouth oil depot is an oil depot for trade and needs to establish an oil depot safety management system platform. Realize the remote real-time monitoring of the valve position information in the control room and alarm for the valve and valve unclosed. It realizes the online monitoring of the pressure of the fire pressure pipeline, alarm the overpressure and undervoltage, and alarm the flammable gas, and statistics the daily, weekly, monthly, customizable cycle reports and so on.

Application characteristics
  Before the implementation of the project, the valve, pipe pressure, flammable gas data have not realized the remote transmission function. The two laying cable conditions in the oil depot are very difficult and cost too high.


  We are a TG110 oil tank oil pipeline installed five valve back to the hearing to monitor real-time valve opening; oil pressure pipeline pressure meter in the island to install a wireless adapter to monitor real-time data for real-time data of oil pressure; island combustible gas detection to install a wireless I/O device to monitor combustible gas; remote install the WIA-PA wireless gateway.

Project implementation time: one week

Project implementation content: equipment installation and commissioning


On-line monitoring of mechanical valve opening

On-line monitoring of pipeline pressure of fire pressure

On-line monitoring of combustible gas

Reduce the cost of the project and the difficulty of installation

Improve the safety of oil depot collection, hair and oil storage operation

Solving customer problems in the shortest time


The integration of the Internet of things technology and the oil depot collection, development and storage process has been realized. A real-time information collection, transmission and analysis application system for process parameters acquisition, production and storage of oil depot is established to achieve real-time safety monitoring and statistical analysis of oil depot collection, storage and storage ring, and make corresponding optimization to prevent oil tank from receiving oil accident. Ensure the absolute safety of the process of receiving, sending and storing oil.

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