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The industrial Internet of things will affect the manufacturing industry from fi
  In the early years, General Electric proposed the concept of "industrial Internet", and launched the Predix platform and opened to the industrial Internet enterprise. The four core functions of Predix are security monitoring of linked assets, industrial data management, industrial data analysis, cloud technology applications and mobility. General Electric points out that large data analysis technology will create great economic value. Heels, SIEMENS has developed MindSphere, and Feinikesi's ProfiCloud should be born! Before deploying the industrial Internet of things, enterprises need to know clearly what the Internet of things can bring. Here are the five main aspects of the impact of the Internet of things on the manufacturing industry.
1、predictive maintenance

  In the past, the operation and management of plant production equipment was usually carried out in a regular maintenance manner. The production equipment is interrupted regularly every year according to the scheduled plan, and the maintenance and maintenance of the machine are carried out. This maintenance can reduce the risk of accidents and downtime, but there are also some shortcomings.

 Not all machines need to be maintained at the same time, through industrial Internet of things technology enterprises can do predictive maintenance. When the equipment is in a real-time monitoring environment, the company can maintain the equipment when it needs to be maintained, not at any time.

2. Visual supply chain
  The visualization of the supply chain in the future manufacturing industry is essential, and is also a very challenging link. In particular, in some areas, such as food, production costs may come from a wide range of suppliers, and new regulations require full transparency.
  Through the industrial Internet of things, manufacturers can predict all events in real time, and ensure that products are controllable from raw material procurement, production process to sales process.
  For example, food manufacturers can use sensors to determine whether their products have been exposed to high, high pressure or other environmental conditions, which may make food unsafe. Mastering these knowledge ahead of time saves millions of dollars in recall costs for businesses.

3. Analysis of equipment efficiency
  When it is necessary to compare the production efficiency of each equipment on the production line and the quality of the product, it is difficult to make a detailed answer in the past. Today, manufacturers can use industrial networking technology to collect and analyze data from multiple devices, they can better understand the working status of the equipment, and make better decisions to enhance the production efficiency, quality control, this is the use of industrial networking benefits.

4. Automation
  The nature of the industrial Internet of things is to allow machines to communicate with each other without human intervention. This allows more automated solutions to use groups in groups to improve the efficiency and quality of the machine, and to make the product more consistent.

5. Safety control
  You may not think of security when you come into contact with the Internet of things, but you can get a lot of help through the Internet of things in the safety of the factory. Security has always existed, but no one really collects the required data, and the use of the Internet of things can solve the security problems. For example, by tracking security events that lead to a shutdown, companies may be able to identify trends and take measures to prevent them from happening.
  Now, a new round of industrial revolution to big data, networking, cloud computing as the representative of the new technology is the key, is likely to become the future competitiveness of enterprises, to change the future foresight.

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