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The 2017 World Expo in Wuxi on the Internet of things

  In September 10th, the 4 day 2017 World Internet of things Expo was opened in Wuxi, China. Representatives from all the more than 20 countries and regions from all over the world gathered at the shore of Taihu on behalf of the elites of more than 500 enterprises and institutions. They plan to take the lead in the wave of the Internet of things.
  The theme of this Expo is "the world of things and create the future". The overall framework of the event is "1+10+1+1+8", namely, 1 Main meetings, 10 Summit Forum, 1 Internet of things application and product exhibition, 1 Smart City International Conference and 8 series activities.

  Li Qiang, Secretary of the Jiangsu provincial Party committee, delivered a keynote speech at the summit, pointing out that the successful launching of the 2016 World Internet of things exposition in October last year promoted the accelerated development of Jiangsu's Internet of things and related industries. With Wuxi as the core, Suzhou and Nanjing as the support, the industrial structure of the two wings, multiple development and radiation of the whole province is being formed. The development of the Internet of things in Wuxi has attracted the attention of the world, and has become a mirror to observe the development of the Internet of things in China and even in the world.
  Li Qiang said that the development of the Internet of things industry is now in a surge of "Warring States era", and a new era of Internet of things is coming out.
  "If anyone can think of something, someone will turn it into reality." Li Qiang quoted Jules Verne, the father of world science fiction, as saying that with the development of Internet of things technology, "future scenario" that was seen in many science fiction movies is coming true step by step. The intention of hosting the world's Internet of things is to build a big platform for the development of the Internet of things and the realization of future scenarios, and push the coming of the era of animal Internet. The Jiangsu development of the Internet of things has the advantages and great potential and hope of the development of the Internet of things. Jiangsu is willing to provide a "familiar land" for the explosive development of the global Internet of things. Talking about the future, he is full of confidence that is willing to work with a person with breadth of vision at home and abroad sincere cooperation, joint efforts to make the development of the Internet of things in Taihu Chaoyang Lake gushing out.
  The same day, China Dianke Group Chairman Xiong Qunli, Ding Han, Chinese academician Kapi Raval, vice president of HP global strategic marketing HUAWEI CEO Xu Wenwei, chairman Zhang Lei and other important vision energy guests speech, in-depth discussions on the analysis of the development trend of domestic and international networking industry.

 President Ma Yun, the chairman of the Alibaba group, came out of the meeting in the meeting. Ma Yun said that the future of human development can not be separated from three elements, namely, the Internet of things, large data and cloud computing, in which the data will become the most important production data. To leave data and to leave all things interconnected, the operation of the machine will lose its raw material. Because Internet of things, all things are interconnected, it will really bring us into a data era. It really makes our computing power, cloud capabilities and AI possible. All this, all things are interconnected, will surpass our imagination.
  Since 2010, the fair has been growing with the industry of the Internet of things in Wuxi. Starting from "perceiving China" and coming to the "world of material union", Wuxi has been working hard at the forefront and standing in the forefront. The Internet of things industry has become an important symbol of the development of new industries in Wuxi. It has become an important engine to push the industry towards the high-end and become an important support for building new heights of industrial development. Wuxi has become the first city of the whole country to be covered by the Internet of things, which has become one of the most dynamic areas in the development of the Internet of things in China and in the world.

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