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Network Manager

1. Overview


  ZAWR100 series of network manager is responsible for the protocol conversion and data mapping between WIA-PA network and other networks in the factory, thus realizing the management and of on-site meters and RTU as well as resource allocation.

ZAWR100 network manager is mainly responsible for the configuration and management of the whole WIA network. Its kernel is composed by ATSAM9X25 with external expansion of 1GB DataFlash and 2GB SDRAM. ZAWR100 network manager includes the industrial 485 communication interface, RS232 communication interface, and 10M/100M adaptive Ethernet interface. Configuration, order and data transmission for ZAWR100 network manager can be completed via the serial port or Ethernet interface by the host computer. 

    2. Features

       Network management: responsible for the network access, network quit, reload, and link replacement of all devices in the WIA network, allocation of network resources, and allocation of time slot resource allocation;

       Network maintenance function: maintain the operation of all devices in the WIA network;

      Multiple networking modes: supporting star-like, net-like, and star-like + net-like networking;

       Monitoring: monitoring the network topology and the state of corresponding nodes;

      Precise clock: providing accurate Beijing time for the whole network, and ensure it is consistent with the time of devices in the WIA network;

      Multiple communication interfaces: RS232 port, RS485 port, Ethernet communication port;

    Multiple communication protocols

3. Technical indexes




Ethernet Interface

RJ45 interface

8cm long lucency reticle

Communication Protocol

IEC 62601, GB/T 26790.1

(WIA-PA protocol)

 Local Interface

One Channel RS232One ChannelRS485Ethernet 10 M/100 M Adaptive

Output Power


Synchronistic Precision

100 us

Transmission Distance

Indoor 200mOutdoor 1000m

Data Reliability



140 mm*65 mm

Working Temperature

-40 ~ 85

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