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Wireless Position Monitoring Switch


1. Overview


  Wireless position monitoring switch is a device that convert valve opening to transmissible standard output signal. With simple structure and easy installation, it can be used for wireless signal transmission of hand-operated valves in the opening state in the petrochemical industry. It is suitable for outdoor use and has no influence on valve operation. The valve position can be adjusted arbitrarily in accordance with the use requirement of some specific valves; on-site valve opening LCD is available as well.

    2. Features

      Adaptive frequency hopping, strong anti-jamming capacity;

       Supporting various information safety standards, high safety;

       Supporting multi-hop and multi-route transmission;

       Supporting local wired debugging, local wireless debugging, and key debugging;

      High-performance lithium-thionyl chloride battery powered, micro power consumption design, long battery replacement cycle;

      Battery protective design, waterproof and dust-proof design of the whole meter, strong environment adaptability;

      Supporting overrun warning, deviation calibration, and comprehensive functions;

       Can be installed at 3”, 4”, 6” or 8” sluice valves (customization is available for special calibers), easy installation

3. Technical indexes



Communication protocol

IEC 62601, GB/T 26790.1

(WIA-PA protocol)


Ex ib IIC T4 Gb

Protection Class


Measurement Precision


Output Power


Transmission Distance

Indoor 200m,Outdoor 1000m

Working Power

ER34615Lithium thionyl chloride batteries DC3.6V


140 mm*123.7 mm*176.5 mm

Working Temperature

–40 ~ 85℃

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