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Wireless U-tube Manometer

1. Overview

 Wireless U-tube manometer is a device that can convert the pressure variable to transmissible standard output signal, and it is used to measure the micro-pressure change of oil tank space. With simple product structure and easy installation, it can provide on-site direct scale reading, on-site LCD reading, and positive and negative pressure overrun warning. Meanwhile, it can transmit readings to the measurement center via WIA-PA wireless network to realize remote monitoring.

    2. Features

         Adaptive frequency hopping, strong anti-jamming capacity;

        Supporting various information safety standards, high safety;

         Supporting multi-hop and multi-route transmission;

         Supporting local wired debugging, local wireless debugging, and key debugging;

        High-performance lithium-thionyl chloride battery powered, micro power consumption design, long battery replacement cycle;

        Overcurrent and overvoltage protective design for the battery, intrinsic safety certification of the whole meter;

         Supporting overrun warning, deviation calibration, and comprehensive functions;

3. Technical indexes



Communication Protocol

IEC 62601, GB/T 26790.1

(WIA-PA protocol)


Ex ib IIC T4 Gb

Protection Class


Measurement Precision


Output Power


Transmission Distance

Indoor 200mOutdoor 1000m

Working Power

ER34615Lithium thionyl chloride batteries



665.7 mm*150.4 mm*63.8 mm

Installation Ways


Working Temperature

–40 ~ 85

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