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Rotor Water Gauge Wireless Adapter

1. Overview

  Rotor water gauge wireless adapter can process and count via the pulse signal of cyclic acquisition sensor, thus realizing rotor water gauge remote measurement as well as the periodic and real-time obtaining of data. By using WIA-PA wireless module as the control core, rotor water gauge wireless adapter can realize the sensor pulse acquisition, which mainly includes the WIA-PA wireless communication, local communication, pulse input interface, and on-board power supply. 

    2. Features

        Having functions like self-check of radio frequency modules and in-process quality control and report;

       Battery powered, wireless transmission, no need for paving cables;

        The sensor is directly installed on the dial, and the sensor lead length can be selected according to the position by the water gauge adapter, realizing flexible installation;

        Separated design of the battery and adapter, no need to dismantle the adapter when changing the battery module;

        Data acquisition: install magnetism pointers and sensors for ordinary rotor water gauges, acquire sensor signal via the PI interface of devices, and obtain the flow value of the rotor water gauge;

        Remote communication: remote sending and reading of on-site wired device state, and remote setting of working parameters;

        Self-check and warning: having functions like self-check by the radio frequency module, and low battery warning;

        On-site renovation of 15mm-150mm rotor water gauge is available (customization for special calibers is available), easy installation 

3. Technical indexes



Communication Protocol

IEC 62601, GB/T 26790.1(WIA-PA Protocol)


Ex ia IIC T6 Ga

Protection Class


Sensor Interface

3 chips sensor interface

Output Power


Working Power

ER34615Lithium thionyl chloride batteries DC3.6V 19Ah


80 mm*80 mm*58 mm

Installation Ways

Hanging, Derrick

Reset Mode

External magnet trigger module then reset

Working Temperature

-40 ~ 85℃

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