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Wireless combustible gas detector

1. overview

  The WIA-PA wireless combustible gas detector converts the concentration of flammable gas to digital signals. The online parking free digital configuration is suitable for on-site display of factory applications, and plug and play of sensor replacement, which is an international standard intelligent gas detector. It has the characteristics of stable performance, reliable operation, convenient installation and maintenance, and full range of measurement gases. It meets the requirements of industrial field safety monitoring for high reliability, stable operation and measurement of gas variety.

2. technical parameters
  Wireless standard: WIA-PA
  Monitoring gas: volatile flammable and explosive gas
  Principle of detection: Infrared
  Detection range: 0 ~ 100%LEL or 0 ~ 100Vol optional
  Resolution: 0.1%LEL, 0.01%Vol
  Inspection mode: pump suction type
  Display mode: LCD LCD display
  Detection precision: 2%.FS
  Alarm mode: sound and light alarm (alarm point can be adjusted)

3. product characteristics
1. advanced 32 bit ultra-low power embedded micro controller
2. Compatible with the existing alarm control unit or DCS (decentralized control system)
4. LED field display (optional LCD) suitable for factory application
5. standard three key to realize single person single spot maintenance
6. Important operations need password verification to effectively prevent misoperation
7. Simple calibration function to reduce measurement error
8. field two light alarm, relay output (external sound and light alarm or drive exhaust and other peripherals)

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