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WIA-PA wireless magnetostrictive liquid level meter

  WIA-PA wireless magnetostrictive liquid level meter is used to measure the liquid level data of oil tank, monitor the leakage of oil tank, high and low level, and transmit data by wireless.

  The liquid level data of the oil tank are transmitted by radio signal, and it is especially suitable for the level measurement of the semi underground oil tank which can not be laid by the cable in the mountain area. The battery is powered, the electricity is not up to the tank, and the installation is simple and convenient.
The product can accurately measure the parameters of liquid level, boundary and so on, and can integrate multi point temperature parameter measurement function.

technical parameter
  Wireless standard: WIA-PA
  Measurement range: rigid rod 0.1 ~ 5m, flexible tube type 0.5 ~ 20M (customized according to need)
  Accuracy: + 1mm or 0.1%
  Resolution: 0.1mm
  The accuracy of temperature measurement: + 0.5 C, temperature measurement points less than 10
  Working temperature: -40 ~ 80 C
  The working pressure is less than 2.0MPa
  Medium temperature: -55 ~ 125 C
● Medium density: 0.5 ~ 1g/cm3
● Process connection: threaded connection, flange connection (a process connection can be selected according to customer requirements)
Electrical interface: M20 x 1.5 or DN50, DN80, DN100 flanges
Protection grade: IP65
Anti explosion sign: Exd IIBT4

Power supply mode: battery power supply

The replacement cycle - battery: more than 2 years @30s

Installation and maintenance
1) mounting of magnetostrictive liquid level instrument, flange or threaded connection
2) wireless adapter connection, installation
3) cable connection can be applied to double channel, single channel, single channel.
4) maintenance: intrinsically safe field replaceable battery, the battery life of more than 2 years

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