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Network Node

1. Overview


  Network node is a completly conformity with flushbonading radio frequency identification module or SOC chip that is high reliability, lowcost ultra-low power consumption, they can make interoperate with other factory’s equipment which confirm to WIA-PA protocol come true. It doesn’t need allocation or development extra, user can set up network and start running in a few minutes.

  The product apply to low-bitrate, lowcost, close quarter, and data size lesser wireless sensor, athering network and monitoring system which are home automation, environmental monitoring, medical care and so on. Especially industrial process automation and factory automation field Such as petroleum, petrochemical, industry, electricity, metallurgy, sewage treatment, security monitoring and control, assets management and energy management.

    2. Features 

       FHSS is introduced on the basis of DSSS, and the point-to-point communication anti-jamming capacity is improved via frequency hopping communication;

       End-to-end reliability is improved via the redundant Mesh routing technology;

       TDMA mode of the whole network helps to avoid message conflicts and enhances the communication reliability;

       The success rate of message transmission is guaranteed by the automatic retransmission request mechanism;

3. Technical indexes




The Chip Model

Antenna Interface



QFN Lead

Communication Protocol

IEC 62601, GB/T 26790.1 (WIA-PA protocol)

Synchronistic Precision

100 us

Data Reliability


Out Power



Transmission Distance

Indoor 300mOutdoor 1600m

Indoor 20mOutdoor 80m


34 mm*24.5 mm*7.5 mm

34 mm*22mm*7.5 mm


Connection Type

Plug-in connect 2.0 gap

Bonding pad connect 2.0mm gap


Working Temperature

-40 ~ 85

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