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Wireless IO Adapter

1. Overview

Wireless IO adapter is the best choice for constructing the remote I/O system meeting the cost benefit principle. The simple networking mode allows customers to communicate with the controller or other RS-485 module units merely by having two cables. RS485 bus and Modbus-RTU communication protocol are used by wireless IO adapter which is the most extensively used bi-directional balanced transmission line in the industry with standard and open supply agreements. It is suitable to be used in industrial environments. RS485 bus, Modbus-RTU communication protocol, AI and DI interfaces are used by the IO module to obtain the process variable information about the intelligent instrument (such as the accumulated value, density, temperature, etc.) as well as state information, thus facilitating the process management and device diagnosis. 

    2. Features

     Data acquisition: monitoring information of on-site wired devices is collected via the rS485, AI and DI interfaces.

     Remote communication: remote transmission and reading of the state information of on-site wired devices, and remote setting of working parameters.

     Self-check: having functions like power-on self-check and in-process quality control and report  

3. Technical indexes






Working Power




Ex d IIC T6 Gb

Ex d IIC T6 Gb

Protection Class




Power Consumption

10 W

20 W

3 W

Acquisition Interface

         Two  channels AITwo    channels DI

Four channels AIFour channels DI

Two  channels AITwo channels DI

Communication Interface

One RS485

, Local interface: One RS232

Two RS485 ,

Local interface: Two RS232

One RS485

Local interface: One RS232


250 mm*250 mm*155 mm

99 mm*22.5 mm

*114.5 mm

230 mm*210 mm

*134 mm

Installation Ways

Hanging /Derrick

35mm guide rail to install,


Communication Protocol

IEC 62601, GB/T 26790.1

(WIA-PA protocol)

Output Power


Transmission Distance

Indoor 200mOutdoor 1000m

Working Temperature

-40 ~ 85

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