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Maintenance management of instrument and equipment and solution of wireless moni

The actual use in the industrial field, the HART card is not installed DCS system in the early construction of the system, a large number of intelligent instrument is HART as ordinary process instrumentation, only read the header data read, no other equipment diagnosis and maintenance information, did not give full play to its functions of intelligent instrument, and the latter alone increased HART card cost is very high.

System scheme

The wireless device management system connected with HART field intelligent instrument through the wireless HART adapter, data acquisition process and diagnostic information intelligent HART instruments, and through the wireless network to the wireless intelligent gateway, realize the effective management of the intelligent instrument and the instrument for remote maintenance and debugging, improve the maintainability of the intelligent instrument.

The system directly to upgrade existing instruments to realize wireless network management and monitoring, has: 1) high data transmission in real-time, stability and reliability; 2) between wireless devices can automatically by MESH network; 3) save the construction cost; 4) to save human resources; 5) the characteristics of convenient installation and maintenance

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