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Solution of remote monitoring system for energy data

In the management of energy measurement, found outside the factory remote node cannot access the existing energy metering system; some meter instantaneous volume, cumulative measurement value is not accurate; some measuring instruments do not involve not to the DCS system of process control, and manual reading from the scene of the influence of environmental factors on certain threat to personal safety; the original measurement system statistical time synchronization, and there is no lack of size, according to the optimization of device management.

System scheme

A scheme of remote monitoring system of energy data using wireless adapter, meter reader, wireless meter and other equipment for monitoring of water, electricity, wind, gas and other energy sources, combined with the DCS system, the effective implementation of plant import table and device import table, equipment inspection table fine monitoring of energy production, storage, transfer transport, consumption, to monitor the whole process, for the original rough energy management to fine management to provide effective information.

The system has: 

1) super high transmission data's real-time performance, stability and reliability; 

2) MESH automatic networking between wireless devices; 3) installation and maintenance is convenient, saving a lot of construction cost; 4) the system has OPC interface, convenient access to MES system and so on.

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Application case and field photo

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