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Solution of wireless monitoring system in manufacturing industry

The establishment of intelligent factory is the need for the future development of enterprises. The change of market demand makes all walks of life gradually start transformation and upgrading. It requires that the production line is highly flexible and modular, so as to meet the needs of different products. At the same time, in response to the needs of customers, collecting, processing and feedback the need for timely information to customers, enterprises begin to pay attention to their own digital and information construction, a variety of practical system gradually on the line; further to improve the production efficiency, have good communication and information interaction between the equipment and equipment, equipment and people, and to realize interconnection with related technology.

System scheme

In Keaowei for mission critical applications to provide global wireless connection, in order to provide solutions for cloud based software for all industry customers. Manufacturers are adding wireless connections to their products or lines to improve the manufacturing process. Through integrated connection, manufacturers can get information better from factories to centralized cloud management systems, so as to find and solve problems as soon as possible before products are released. Manufacturers also want to use connections to collect information about field equipment. This information can help them find errors and monitor devices, and can also reduce maintenance costs and improve productivity by updating wireless software and firmware.

System characteristics:

1) get real time diagnosis and limit the time of downtime by collecting and monitoring data in real time.

2) reduce the installation cost, eliminate unnecessary wiring and infrastructure costs, and greatly reduce the installation time.

3) improve the safety of workers, use wireless systems and sensors in the dangerous working environment, improve the safety of employees and reduce the rate of insurance.

4) reduce maintenance costs and limit unplanned site maintenance by remote asset visibility.

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Application case and field photo

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