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Solution of wireless monitoring system for rotary equipment

Rotary furnace is a rotating equipment, and is a closed device, and the combustion system is built, so it has high requirements for the safety, data reliability and real-time control of the whole system. There are mainly two kinds of traditional rotary furnace monitoring devices: one is the information collection through the K thermocouple and slip ring, which is prone to produce mechanical wear for long term use, which will impact on the accurate collection of data and information, and its life is short. The other way is to measure non-contact data by infrared detection device. It is not clear whether the measured temperature is the air temperature inside the kiln or the temperature of the kiln wall. The fluctuation of the measurement results is very large, which has great influence on the quality of clinker.

System scheme

The monitoring points of the system are many, the environment is bad, and it is a closed combustion reaction device, which is suitable for monitoring the temperature in the wireless mode. In Keaowei launched rotating equipment wireless monitoring solutions using wireless technology, can effectively enhance the capability of monitoring the production process, and reduce energy consumption, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the rotary kiln.

The system features: 1) to save costs, local construction costs including labor, cable, pipe threading can be omitted, also do not need to buy analog card, construction and commissioning time is greatly shortened; 2) to enhance the efficiency of intelligent wireless network instead of traditional wired solutions, can improve the working efficiency of 40%, to solve the field wiring barriers and production interruption or in outdoor work limitation.

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