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Solution of industrial bus wireless extension system

There are many titles of the industrial Internet of things, including industrial 4 and interconnected factories. How to create industrial Internet of things is the most concern for people, especially those that have been from different manufacturers and have been used for 5 years, 10 years or more than 20 years. How can we connect these devices to the industrial Internet of things when we use old equipment for process operation? How to overcome the challenges? It is not feasible to replace equipment by cost and time constraints. It is urgent to find a new solution. It not only protects the existing investment, but also enables the old equipment to be compatible with more modern devices, so as to achieve the best of both worlds.

System scheme

In Keaowei launched a new solution for industrial protocol module and the API library, sensor information allows industrial equipment connected to the cloud. The new module supports industrial communication network protocol is the most widely used, such as for process or industrial automation, building automation, military and automotive applications such as RS-232, RS-485, CAN and Modbus bus, used for remote or workshop environment.

The system is designed for the Internet of things. It is a multi protocol network platform that can cover any aspect of the industrial environment of the terminal device from IP. The system has the characteristics of interoperability, reliability and extensibility. It integrates new devices and old devices into the same network, enabling different devices to communicate freely in multi supplier environment. The system can borrow the new communication facilities introduced by the industrial environment, such as Gigabit Ethernet, optical fiber, Wi-Fi, short distance wireless data acquisition network, etc., which provides more information and intelligence for the production environment.

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