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Solution of remote metering and optimal control system for oil and water wells

At present, oil and gas production process, the tipping bucket measurement, and can not be measured for each of the wells, the process parameters of missing data well, unable to timely obtain the pressure data, the electrical parameter data, diagram data can not reflect the well real-time condition, need field manual meter reading, there is timely and accurate. And influenced by human and environmental factors of the problem.

The oil well automation still stays in the team, the data is not centralized, and the production command center needs to be set up in a unified way. The network infrastructure is not perfect, and some automation sites have no network coverage, and the production data can not be returned in real time. The lack of unified construction standards, the products of various manufacturers are not common, to bring some difficulties to the operation and management.

System scheme

In the Keaowei launch remote monitoring and measurement system of oil and water wells solutions, through the wireless pressure transmitter, conforms to the WIA-PA standard for wireless industrial networking and wireless integrated temperature transmitter, power indicator, oil wells, remote controller (RTU) equipment, real-time acquisition of oil well pressure temperature diagram, diagram, current field data, well data by RTU responsible for wellhead equipment management, data collection, analysis and head start and stop control, while the wells RTU will bring together the data uploaded to the gateway device, data access to the working area or production plant server through the gateway equipment and trunk line transmission network connection, the realization of software system of production management, production monitoring and oil production optimization of remote control function.

To enhance oil wells management level and production efficiency, greatly reduces the labor intensity of oil well patrol workers, and can be found underground pump working state and fault, reduce equipment maintenance rate, to meet the management needs of refined oil, greatly saves the production cost, ensure the production of sustained, stable and efficient operation.

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