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Solution of intelligent power management system

In recent years, the rapid growth in electricity demand, accelerate the pace of industrial development, power supply pressure, increase the possibility of power fluctuation, voltage sag, power shortage, however, more and more enterprises or residents for the reliability of power supply put forward higher requirements. At the same time, the "energy saving and emission reduction" has become a great concern for mankind, and the smart grid will become a key field in the world.

System scheme

In today's Keaowei extended grid smart grid scheme based on the function, provides a public facilities resources terminal users can take the initiative to contact with public facilities producer platform, in order to achieve energy saving, save money, and achieve the smart grid to maximize return on investment. Now expand the power grid available to provide the following services: real-time access to accurate information on energy use; energy consumption real-time control equipment; can support all the equipment installed; the ability to rapidly deploy a pilot scale, and even reach millions of users; able to complete all the work in the premise of not affecting the public AMR or AMR network.

In Keaowei is helping some utilities to add a layer of digital intelligence. These smart grids use sensors, meters, digital control and analysis tools to automatically operate, monitor and control two-way energy flow in operation -- from power plants to plugs. The power company can optimize the performance of the power grid, prevent outage, restore the power supply faster, and allow consumers to manage the right to use energy, including the management of personal network devices. The system features: 1) reliability and safety, provide safety and reliability of the highest level; 2) reduce the installation cost, quick installation of power station and remote transmission device connection; 3) remote monitoring network equipment, the use of comprehensive software tools to easily monitor remote network assets; 4) shorten the response time, by increasing the asset visibility greatly shorten the response time.

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