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Solution of wireless monitoring system for energy meter

Since the beginning of the world's electricity deregulation and market driven prices, power companies have been looking for a way to match consumption with growth. Traditional electrical and gas meters only measure total consumption, and do not provide information on when each measurement site consumes energy.


System scheme

Choosing the right instrument data management solution not only helps the utility program get a reasonable return on investment, but also is a prerequisite for its advanced metering infrastructure or smart grid plan. In Keaowei instrument data management solutions provide connectivity solutions that help simplify IT support and related costs, while providing the instrument data in the whole utility, and transformed into valuable knowledge.

From a consumer's point of view, intelligent measurement provides potential benefits to homeowners. These include: 

1) the end of estimated bill, which is the main source of many complaints of customers; 

2) to help consumers better manage energy consumption, can display the latest information of natural gas and electricity to the user, it helps people to use energy and reduce energy cost management. From the perspective of public utilities, electricity pricing usually peaks at certain predictable times of the day and season. In particular, if electricity is restricted, prices may rise if electricity comes from other jurisdictions or more expensive generation of electricity. Charging at higher interest rates at peak hours will encourage consumers to adjust their consumption habits to better respond to market prices, thereby controlling the stability and rapid growth of electricity prices.

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