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Solution of atmospheric wireless monitoring system

Most of the air pollutants are discharged into the atmosphere by human activities or natural processes, and are harmful to the environment or people. Air pollution is greatly influenced by natural factors. The properties, meteorological conditions and surface properties of pollution sources can have a huge impact on the scope and intensity of air pollution. Therefore, the monitoring of air pollution has a strong real-time requirement.

System scheme
In Keaowei launched air wireless real-time monitoring technology, can be integrated into a variety of application platform, the layout of monitoring network nodes to form distributed air measuring points in the set position in advance, focus on monitoring of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and other air pollutants and temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure and other meteorological parameters. The data of the measurement point will be sent to the gateway in the area network at regular intervals, and then transmitted to the database of the Internet. Users' control and monitoring platform can use these data to build the real-time urban air model. When the air pollution in a certain area exceeds the alert value, the system can give a warning to the user.
Atmospheric wireless real-time monitoring system for city managers, the ultra low power wireless mesh network management software and web control system based on the combination of city managers to provide real-time information about the weather of the city, such as the real-time air composition, real-time temperature and humidity etc.. It can help city managers 1) improve management strategies; 2) formulate preventive measures for extreme weather; 3) timely release air pollution index early warning; 4) take timely measures to improve air quality. For residents, preventive measures can be taken in advance to protect their own respiratory system.

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Application case and field photo

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