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Solution of wireless monitoring system for forest fire

Forest fire is a kind of natural disaster with strong sudden, destructive and difficult disposal and relief. In most cases, when someone notices that a forest fire is happening too late, the fire has spread. In the world, there are about 200000 forest fires on average every year in the world, and the area of forest burning is about 1 per thousand of the total forest area in the world. In China, the average annual forest fires are about 10 thousand times, and hundreds of thousands of millions of hectares of forest are burned down, accounting for about 5~8 per thousand of the country's forest area. Forest fires can cause damage to trees, endanger wildlife resources, cause soil erosion, rivers and air pollution, and even endanger human life and property safety. In order to reduce the loss caused by forest fires, in addition to preventive measures, early fire detection is the only way to reduce losses and casualties.

System scheme
In Keaowei launched wireless monitoring technology of forest fire, can be integrated into a variety of application platform, fire monitoring node range directly set up in forest areas to form a fire monitoring network, once the forest fire occurs, it will be the first time the fire alarm is sent back to the monitoring center.
The advantages of the system, including (1) can quickly and accurately detect the fire; (2) will be the first time the fire can be sent to the monitoring center; (3) a wide range of layout, wide area monitoring; (4) a simple system, low maintenance cost; (5) greatly reduces the damage caused by forest fires.

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