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Solution of radio monitoring system for nuclear radiation

With the development of economy and society, the demand for energy is increasing day by day. Today, about 16% of the world's electricity is produced by nuclear reactors, and more than 40% of the energy production from 9 countries comes from nuclear energy. With the increase of nuclear energy programs in various countries, the public is paying more attention to the nuclear safety problem, especially for the radiation detection demand in the environment around the nuclear power plant. It is an effective monitoring and warning method to provide the radiant level real-time monitoring system for the nuclear power station or the place where the radiation threatens.

System scheme
In Keaowei introduced the prevention and control of radiation monitoring wireless sensor technology, can be integrated into a variety of application platform, the prevention and control of radiation sensor networks deployed in dozens of nuclear power plants around the sensor device, and to get to the nearest city. The sensor of wireless monitoring point regularly collects the surrounding radiation data, and then stores data in the Internet database through wireless gateway, which is eventually used by the monitoring center of the control center.
The radio monitoring system of nuclear radiation can measure a variety of radiation, including alpha radiation level, beta radiation level, gamma radiation level, and so on.
System advantages: 1) transmit real-time radiation level; 2) send out abnormal information quickly, which will help the relevant personnel to deal with unexpected situations for the first time; 3) maintain simple, low cost and accurate data.

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Application case and field photo

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