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Solution of environmental wireless monitoring system in commercial area

Many cities in the world follow environmental standards, reducing the number of diseases caused by air pollution and reducing emissions. These cities are changing their attitude towards the environment, and the most important thing is to take action.


System scheme

In the Keaowei launch business district environment wireless monitoring solutions, through the sensor to monitor the temperature and humidity, brightness, noise, air pressure, carbon monoxide and other environmental data, these data through the wireless network and wired network transmission to the server, and through the commercial display or broadcast broadcast data, and create a better environment for local residents, tourists and enterprises create value for the future development of the city. The platform can better manage the city, help the city managers make better decisions, and create a green city life.

Advantages: 1) real-time online monitoring; 2) the rapid distribution network; low cost; 3) 4) to improve the efficiency of management.

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