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Solution of greenhouse environment wireless monitoring system

In the traditional process of agricultural production, crop watering, fertilizing, spraying, ventilation, all rely on experience, feeling. Feel cold and warm, feel dry and water, feel stuffy and ventilated, there is no scientific basis. It also requires many management personnel, long time and high cost. When irrigation is not controlled, water resources will be wasted.


System scheme

In Keaowei launched greenhouse wireless monitoring solutions, wireless sensor through the cloth, real-time perception of agricultural production, poultry farming, covered greenhouse planting and livestock breeding, cultivation facilities, environmental monitoring and other aspects, do the sensing device plug and sensing information automatic transmission, network interconnection, safety isolation, operation flow monitoring, to ensure seamless end of real-time information and business management and decision-making information system, realize the intelligent monitoring demand of agricultural production, agriculture and efficient command decision implementation, fully grasp the dynamics of the whole agricultural production.

Advantages: 1) real-time online monitoring; 2) 3) the rapid distribution network; cost savings; 4) 5) long life and high reliability.

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